Thursday, December 2, 2010

Black & Leather

 (1)jacket-U.O. (2)shirt-Zara (3)hat-american apparel (4)black jeans - zara (5)boots- thrift 

I love this shirt. My Zara prized posession - I've sold over 40 of these things working there. It's from our studio line is $80 bucks(well i get a lil discount), but its worth it, apparently for a few others as well.

 It's been  friggin cold lately in Cali, so I've been bundling up, hence the hat & scarf. But I also just got these ankle cowboy boots that I'm in love with. I've been looking for these things for a minute but could never find them. Then, voila, I give a little thanks pre thanksgiviing and the fleamarket never lets me down, 2 pair in my size, the perfect black pair for $20, and a soft beige pair that i bargained em down to $15 for, always gotta bargain. 

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