Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Little Pony and Other Colorful Hairspirations

My Little Pony was so ahead of its time. 
It was the only girlie toys I ever liked growing up. Mostly I just liked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But now every girl is dying their hair all these cray cray colors and I just started thinking My Little Pony started it all. Especially the pastels colors, which I love. (even Helen Mirren has pink hair ya'll) And since I've already had turquoise and pink, I've been set on this lime neon green color. So the other day Anastasia and I dyed our hair, very experimental like - I am Not a hair stylist, though I pretend to be sometimes - and I'm quite happy with the way mine turnt out. 
*Also, I had to add the Edward Scissors Hands My Little Pony in there just cuz its funny.
*And, the last 3 images are of Chloe Nørgaard who has become my hair color crush. She do what she want with that shit.

and moi.
 Dyed my tips again cuz i was feeling too normal with just brunette hair. 
Now I feel much better. 
Late night weirdness playing with photoshop and subconsciously getting inspired by these prior images as well as; ice cream dots, the Childlike Empress from The Never Ending Story, and all things neon green (especially slime putty like Gak).

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sick Youtube Music line-up Mix

Was online checking out Beach Fossil cuz hopefully I'm gonna go see them tomorrow night with some friends (including Bethany my musical guru) and came across this amazing youtube mix, totally my vibes. I don't quite know how it works -if youtube knows me or if I just stumbled across this but whatever the reason its awesome.
You must watch Toro y Moi "Say That" video - hilarious and endearing in a subtle way. There rest are half videos and the other half just images with the track to it, but irregardless, all are great background music to work on the computer to...

youtube mix
Unknown Mortal Orchesrta"So Good At Being In Trouble"
Yo La Tengo                                            "Ohm"
Toro y Moi                                         "Say That"
Beach Fossil                                         "Careless"
Beach Fossil feat. Kazu Makino        "In Vertigo"
Widowspeak                           "Thick as Thieves"
Youth Lagoon - dropla   "Wonderoud Bughouse"
Bleached                                             "Next Stop"
Bonobo                                                      "Cirrus"
Mac DeMarco "Freaking Out The Neighborhood"
Foals                                               "My Number"
Beach Fossils                                    "Daydream"
Foxygen                                     "No Destruction"
Beach Fossils                                        "Birthday"
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds         "Jubilee Street"
Beach Fossils                                     "Adversity"
Surfer Blood                                  "Weird Shapes"
The Knife                                          "Full of Fire"
Grizzly Bear                                           "gun-shy"
Phoenix                                         "Entertainment"
Vampire Weekend                                       "Step"
Ducktails                                     "Letter of Intent"

it goes on and on and on -  49 jams to chillax to.

lemme know if you likey

Hydrangea Hair

Friday, April 12, 2013


Rihanna's Instagram/arrestclothing/boy 3, 4, 5, 6

Monday, April 1, 2013

When it Rains it Pours Black Brazziers & Bustiers

Happy Easter yall! I've been on a mission to find a bustier that fits properly to wear with jean shorts, and i finally found it (not pictured) whilst downtown picking up some art supplies. Flash forward to this weekend, my friend and I went to the Vintage Clothing & Textiles Show in Burbank, which was awesome, and to my amazement I found these two other rad bustiers that I couldn't pass up...maybe the first one(shown here at top) is more of a brazzier, but not exactly sure what it is, as it has a wire that goes around the top like bunny ears....though it definitely's reminiscent of Madonna. So I went from 0 to 3 in the bustier department within a short amount of time. Also found this classic black romper (that looks much better and fitted on than on the hanger).  That's the trouble with expo's and shows, I ALWAYS find something- ok, thing(S) plural. ...and I seem to have learned that, like men, when it rains it pours...bustiers.  

D.I.Y. I did

 Went downtown and got a bunch of supplies: aka studs, concho belt pieces, leather, pearls, chain, cotton doily string, crocheted finishings.....and thus far I've studded the shoulders of my camo jacket (above) and made this belt (below). Also working on a massive art piece that involves bits of everything. Quite happy with myself at the moment. :)

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