Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall is here

look at me, i have an awkward smile in this one...

this is me not looking at the camera, becuase i don't have any makeup

thought i'd try another hat.
1)hat-savers 2)sweater-jetrag 3)polka dot dress - vintage 4) belt - u.o. 5) brooch- mom's 6) boots- vintage, fairfax fleamarket
I just discover(yeah sorry I'm still learning lookbook) the contests portion, so Mango has a fall fashion contest and I'm having fun putting together fall outfits. I love this new orange wool sweater i found at Jetrag, I thought I hated orange but this season I am finally re-embracing it. I also refreshed this little polka dot dress, it actually used to be a jumper, but it was a bit awkward looking so i cut it and made it into a dress. These vintge boots just go with everything so that's great. The brooch is my mom's vintage piece, i was going to sell it at a garage sale cuz i never wore if for many years, but his collector old man told me to hold onto it cuz it has sentimental value and is worth something, so i did, and i'm glad i did. Cuz now I covet it and love it. thanks old guy. And you can't really see them but i'm wearing my dad's switchblade necklace, and my treble cleft necklace a gift from nadine. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

K is for Kani

How adorable is 18 yr old Kani!? Love her vintage fashionability and her great detail shots, very photographically artistic. Also like her new pieces lil' kinda collections. Check out here blog at

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beautiful faces, beautiful makeup

Pumpkin spice & everything nice

Happy halloween and soon happy thanksgiving, my bf bought me this cute little pumpkin so i had to include it. :) I got this sweater (and the shirt) at the Jetrag sunday sale and it was so ugly it was cute, ya know?. The sleeves were a bit wide but i was determined to make it work so i threw on the belt and pulled on the sleeves in the picture and it actually turned out alright. YOu know how you think things are ugly but then you see them on other people and they look good? THis is one of those pieces I feel. Also have on my favorite owl necklace and my new Zara socks that I love love love, they're so comfy and warm going into fall and winter.
1)beret-adele's of hollywood 2)sweater & shirt - jetrag 3)belt-fairfax fleamarket 4)pants & socks - Zara 5)wedge boots-Colonial Madness

Friday, October 22, 2010

Home art 'n things

these necklaces are pretty little works of art that hang on my vanity (and sometimes on my neck)

 a map that i sold on etsy, bye bye, sorry to see it go, loved it
 love my new bathroom cabinet, antique silver, and roses from bf

Glendale Artwalk

 what a sweet bookshelf this one artist at the artwalk had in his studio/house
 at the art walk in glendale a few months ago

 apparently there is chalk board spray you can buy, this artist used it for this piece meant for viewers to draw on. And who's that? Nickey Davey, 2011, go cop the album 

Black Jeans

 black jeans look for lookbook gap contest thingy 


some collages i made

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I can't express how much i love this necklace, even moreso paired with this shirt. Love it, kind of grunge glam. xo

admiration/inspiration +

This is one of my favorite Zara skirts, and i love the way she paired it with the belt and the-color-of-the-season simple camel tshirt.

love glasses and the pastel hues, especially this amazing blue vintage truck and her pale purple nail polish.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Emiliana Torrini

 Emiliana Torrini, Birds... by yuliyamoon
 Wednesday's Child by Emiliana Torrini by A Ω
 Hold heart - Emiliana Torrini by Halexyt
"My heart is beating like a jungle drum, dunka dunka dunka dunka dunk dunk"
 Emiliana Torrini # Jungle Drum by ifeelnofret

Maja Demska a la The Jealous Curator

I love this collage piece by Maja Demska! A broach, a feather, tribal face paint, fangs, a bleached blonde, so currently and fashionably brilliant!  I spotted it on the Jealous curator's blog, which is fantastic blog, especially for you artists out there who can appreciate cool art - that this blogger is "jealous" of in the most admirable of ways.
      Also check out Maja's "Hidden Similarities" series, luvs it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I've been in this blog-shout-out faze recently I'm noticing, so here is another one I'm sure most of you are familiar with but that is
   Rumi Neely, the creator of this blog, idealizes in her photos what I think many young fashionistas desire, a fun party-filled life centered around fabulous clothes. On another note, a girl came into Zara the other day and was asking for this dress as she saw it on fashion toast, and when she showed me the picture it took me a minute to figure it out since Rumi wore it completely different than how it is hanging in our store. Got to give it to her, part of fashion is about originality and uniqueness and creating you own look while still staying within current fashion trends and she succeeds on a regular basis. Hyped+

below is the dress as featured on :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The strictly photos blog, Ache, displays a very cool amalgamation of images -as described on the top of the blog as - "style/personal sblogshop my closettwitterask me shit - formspring"- this blog brings inspiration, laughs and beauty from all walks of life. This first one is so classic and this second image reminds me of where I'm from..

Friday, October 1, 2010


Discovered Olivia and her blog on Lookbook. Watch out ya'll, this lady is FEE-URCE. check out her blog! If you're a fashionista like my, you'll love it!

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