Saturday, February 26, 2011


and then i just had to post this amazing pic. extreme colors, so fun. Maybe if I lived in Japan..i would do it.

The Ombre Obsession

Bleached at the bottom, dark on the top - I'm so obsessed with the Ombre hair style right now.
 I got it recently, just haven't had time to take any picts.

Nicky Davey

some of my faves from the photoshoot I did of my boyfriend's band Nicky Davey at SaMo High School, on the Venice boardwalk, and in Santa Monica on Lincoln in front of the 50's cafe.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Random Love


A watercolor that i've been meaning to work on since 4 yrs ago. that I just pickt up yesterday and added a little to.

 The beginnings of my match collection, who's display box warped over time and broke, thanks LA weather.

C & K

Trend Boards

This was the poster I made, for work, for the winter season trends, I like it more than what we did this season, but here's this season's group collages.  My three themes to make collages for were; prints, 70's updated, and eastern front....most of these pictures below were cut out of Vogues' Spring/Summer 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sea Foam

I'm obsessed with this sea foam color. Especially in nail polish. It started with the Chanel color that I wish i had but never got. Then i found a cool matte one by KnockOut in this sweet art deco looking bottle. 

I like browsing google images so here are some sea foamin' picts I came across...

 these are two other colors I love by Chanel.

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