Monday, December 20, 2010

cuddled up

Cozied up in my comfortables on a cold day. 
(1)hat-self crocheted (2)scarf-actually its a Zara skirt :-P 
(3)sweater-american apparel (4)jeans - U.O. 
(5)Doc martin's

my new boots

I've been looking for the perfect black ankle cowboy boots and finally! - the fleamarket, I love that darn place. Found the beige pair first, softest suede ever, thought i could just dye them black, but then i found the black pair and got them for an even better deal so i couldn't not get them as well! Love love love! This day i was very thankful, like the sermon at my bf's dad's church preached and looks like it worked out quite well...i'm all smilez.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Cute kids clothes by ikks

How cute are these kids!, but also these childrens clothes by ikks? Fur coats, polka dots, tie tye - for kids-? get out, adorable...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

white christmas, blue polkadot dress

1)sweater-american apparel 2)dress- vintage 3)belt- velvet ribbon 4)shoes-thrift 5) both hair ribbons - self made

I couldn't decide between which hair bow but i ended up post ing the first look to lookbook...but wore the second one out tot he movies. Has there really already been 7 Harry Potters...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Black & Leather

 (1)jacket-U.O. (2)shirt-Zara (3)hat-american apparel (4)black jeans - zara (5)boots- thrift 

I love this shirt. My Zara prized posession - I've sold over 40 of these things working there. It's from our studio line is $80 bucks(well i get a lil discount), but its worth it, apparently for a few others as well.

 It's been  friggin cold lately in Cali, so I've been bundling up, hence the hat & scarf. But I also just got these ankle cowboy boots that I'm in love with. I've been looking for these things for a minute but could never find them. Then, voila, I give a little thanks pre thanksgiviing and the fleamarket never lets me down, 2 pair in my size, the perfect black pair for $20, and a soft beige pair that i bargained em down to $15 for, always gotta bargain. 

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