Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall is here

look at me, i have an awkward smile in this one...

this is me not looking at the camera, becuase i don't have any makeup

thought i'd try another hat.
1)hat-savers 2)sweater-jetrag 3)polka dot dress - vintage 4) belt - u.o. 5) brooch- mom's 6) boots- vintage, fairfax fleamarket
I just discover(yeah sorry I'm still learning lookbook) the contests portion, so Mango has a fall fashion contest and I'm having fun putting together fall outfits. I love this new orange wool sweater i found at Jetrag, I thought I hated orange but this season I am finally re-embracing it. I also refreshed this little polka dot dress, it actually used to be a jumper, but it was a bit awkward looking so i cut it and made it into a dress. These vintge boots just go with everything so that's great. The brooch is my mom's vintage piece, i was going to sell it at a garage sale cuz i never wore if for many years, but his collector old man told me to hold onto it cuz it has sentimental value and is worth something, so i did, and i'm glad i did. Cuz now I covet it and love it. thanks old guy. And you can't really see them but i'm wearing my dad's switchblade necklace, and my treble cleft necklace a gift from nadine. :)


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  2. i have a dress very similar to this :) except it was vintage and long and when i chopped it i accidentally chopped too much so i had to put some lace on the bottom!

  3. hah, yeah i'm thinking about trying a petty coat underneath.


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