Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin spice & everything nice

Happy halloween and soon happy thanksgiving, my bf bought me this cute little pumpkin so i had to include it. :) I got this sweater (and the shirt) at the Jetrag sunday sale and it was so ugly it was cute, ya know?. The sleeves were a bit wide but i was determined to make it work so i threw on the belt and pulled on the sleeves in the picture and it actually turned out alright. YOu know how you think things are ugly but then you see them on other people and they look good? THis is one of those pieces I feel. Also have on my favorite owl necklace and my new Zara socks that I love love love, they're so comfy and warm going into fall and winter.
1)beret-adele's of hollywood 2)sweater & shirt - jetrag 3)belt-fairfax fleamarket 4)pants & socks - Zara 5)wedge boots-Colonial Madness

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