Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Little Pony and Other Colorful Hairspirations

My Little Pony was so ahead of its time. 
It was the only girlie toys I ever liked growing up. Mostly I just liked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But now every girl is dying their hair all these cray cray colors and I just started thinking My Little Pony started it all. Especially the pastels colors, which I love. (even Helen Mirren has pink hair ya'll) And since I've already had turquoise and pink, I've been set on this lime neon green color. So the other day Anastasia and I dyed our hair, very experimental like - I am Not a hair stylist, though I pretend to be sometimes - and I'm quite happy with the way mine turnt out. 
*Also, I had to add the Edward Scissors Hands My Little Pony in there just cuz its funny.
*And, the last 3 images are of Chloe Nørgaard who has become my hair color crush. She do what she want with that shit.

and moi.
 Dyed my tips again cuz i was feeling too normal with just brunette hair. 
Now I feel much better. 
Late night weirdness playing with photoshop and subconsciously getting inspired by these prior images as well as; ice cream dots, the Childlike Empress from The Never Ending Story, and all things neon green (especially slime putty like Gak).

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