Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Feel.......

1)headband - Wasteland  2)shirt - Sephora  3) Shorts - BDG  4) Motorcycle boots -  vintage  5)watch - vintage

  So I just went to my friend Hilary's bachelorette party in Las Vegas last weekend and they're all from there, so we more so made fun of Vegas tourists and partied like locals than did the cliche Vegas thing - though we kinda did. lol
 But anyway, one of the other bridesmaids, Joanne, and some of the other girls were telling me that Vegas actually has some pretty good thrift and vintage stores where they find a lot of pretty cool stuff. So my last day before heading back to LA, I decided to stop by this little store(well actually it's a huge chain of stores) they have there called Savers, which i guess is basically like Goodwill, and I found this striped top and motorcycle boots along with a couple other sweet steals. it pretty much rocked. ontop of a rockin bachelorette. ;-P

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