Tuesday, June 1, 2010

He Loves Me

hat & shirt -Savers, cut-off jean shorts - Sneak Peak (store: Le Joli), shoes - Colonial Madness 


  1. Hi, I have sort of a weird request- I've been searching for a pair of these Colonial Madness x Urban Outfitters booties for a loooong time (still kicking myself for not ordering them from UO) and was wondering if you'd be interested in selling your pair to me (I take a size 8.5-9). I could give you close to retail for them :) Please let me know!


    ps- reallly cute blog btw!

  2. hey! sorry for the most delayed reponse in life, but, yeah they're awesome, I still wear them all the time! But if I change my min, I'll let you know!


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