Sunday, May 29, 2011


How much do i love dark lipstick, crosses & black - alot. Went to the opening party of Mac's new summer line with Erika and got some summer colors, but secretly left coveting this deep purple lipstick from their original line. I'll always have a darker side. love xoxo.
(1)hat thrifted- Saver, las vegas (2)sheer blouse - (3) dress & shoes - thrifted -Buffalo Exchange (5)lace slip - moms (7)switchblade necklace - dad's (8) cross necklace - forever xxI (9)lipstick -Cyber, Mac


  1. You look stunning! Yay! Blog friends! <3

    Tropic of Unicorn

  2. I love to wear the black dress in spring. this dress are really appreciable. I have cheeked out, and get affordable dresses from here. The design of the denim are really beautiful, color is standard also...


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